Lucky Colors for the Year 2014

No, we’re not superstitious at all. It just feels great to be in the know with what’s trending and what’s not. Chinese zodiac posts explaining feng shui colors are everywhere (believe me, I really want to know so I think I clicked not less than 10 links this morning!) and after getting all confused, I finally found it!
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia borwn bronze woman face model
2014 is the year of the wooden horse and the lucky colors for this year are (TADAAA!) wood shades Brown and Green. Water and Earth colors which were popular in 2013 are also in this year because according to Chinese zodiac, water and earth help form, grow and develop wood so you may also accessorize yourself with anything blue for water and black for Earth.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia green model woman

We think the ELES Goddess Gift Set is perfect this year then! Why don’t you send your close friends a “New Year” present? Or maybe give yourself one for a treat? After all, Chinese New Year is on the 31st of January so it’s not really too late. =)

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Signature Quad

Add to your collection the ELES Signature Quad in Trends Maverick for a rich shade of dollar green (spell prosperity!) and these awesome nail shades  from our Brighton collection.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Brighton Collection ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Brighton Collection 2

Are you a Chinese zodiac believer?

Even if you’re not, we think it will do you no harm. Some people do it just for fun. You can change the shades anytime you want to anyway. Pantone, for one, declared Radiant Orchid their color for the new year.ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Pantone Radiant Orchid Lucky Color 2014


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Back to Work!

back to workOne topic that never goes old – Power Dressing! A lot of blogs have tackled this and of course, the tips change according to season. We guess this topic serves as a reminder for everyone to always look their best, and when in the office, to always look appropriate.

It could be challenging for a lot of young women to do the right makeup for a corporate environment. Well actually, it’s a grown-up dilemma too! How can we all look young while keeping the image? Since it’s the new year, we’d post this to give you some tips on how to look and dress like it’s 2013! Yeah!

Tip #1. Find a look that enhances your natural beauty. Stick to the simple look, the one that kind of looks nude yet glossy.

Tip #2. Follow this simple rule: striking dress = nude makeup; plain dress/monochromatic = daring makeup

Tip #3. Smoky eyes used to spell “avoid me” because it just looks too alternative-rock for an all serious conference room but it’s 2013 and smoky eyes is in! Don’t overdo it though. Keep it simple by opting for slightly winged eyelines and partial smoke on the outer crease.

Tip #4. Go mineral! Mineral makeup holds onto skin and lasts longer than regular makeup. You might want to keep the retouch sessions less than the number of emails in your mailbox!

Tip #5. Make it as close to your natural look as possible.

Tip #6. Make them look you in the eye and not on your lips. Keep their focus on your entire face rather than one focal point.

Tip #7. And the most important tip of all, you should feel comfy under your makeup.


What’s new this year?

The Ace of Base.

We’d like to teach our readers the importance of a good base. You see, no matter how many times you retouch your makeup, it won’t last without a good foundation. Just like any other project, start smart!  Get yourself a primer for a smooth, pore-fect canvass. Opt for a foundation that’s oil-free. Should you need to conceal unwanted skin stain or pimples, the ELES Phototouch Concealer does it perfectly!

Shadow Madness.

Oh please, we don’t need your entire makeup collection in the office so keep your tote compact by bringing palettes instead of single compacts. Go for eyeshadow quads that already auto-suggest the look of the day. We recommend the ELES Signature Quad in Nakeds for daytime professional look and ELES Signature Quad in Nouveau Riche for evening dinners.

Perfect Brows

Keeping them neat and tidy because that simply mirrors your personality. Don’t overpluck. Strong brows are gorgeous and you’ll notice that a lot of celebrities keep their brows thick. Some even color theirs black to make it look thicker. Make your brows stunning by using the ELES Browblender.

Blushing Diva

When you buy a blush, choose a shade that looks closest to the natural color of your blushed cheeks. We suggest  you get a blush that can be built upon so that you can always start light and add some more.


Any color will do, just not black. :) When using red, keep the rest of the face light. When it gets too cold in the office, use the ELES Super Balm to keep your lips hydrated.


We know statement nails are in but make sure they’re tolerable. You don’t want your boss to stare at your glittery nails while you take down the minutes of the meeting. :) For fresh pastel shades, try our Sweet Sundae collection.


It’s 2013. Since a new year has just started, maybe we should all look into writing down beauty resolutions too! Please put “Plan in advance” on top of your list! Pick a dress the night before and think of a possible makeup look to go with it. That will save you extra 10 minutes that you can happily splurge on extra sleep. :)

We’d like to hear your 2013 Beauty Resolutions! Tell us about it!

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